Service & Maintenance

A Service Plan that Suits You

The initial sale and commission is just the first step in a long lifespan of operation for your saturator, a fact that is acknowledged and understood by Peacock Salt. Our dedicated Commissioning and Maintenance Manager’s sole remit is to ensure that your equipment remains operational and functions as you require it, when you require it. That said, any mechanical system is subject to faults arising, primarily through general wear and tear or operator involvement. Harsh working environments and in some cases, a large throughput of site operatives can take their toll, so Peacock Salt are committed to remaining the primary point of contact for all ongoing activity. We will also work closely with you to create a service arrangement that meets your demands and expectations. Whether that is working with you and your in-house operatives, offering training and access to online troubleshooting videos, or whether it’s Peacock coordinating its ever expanding fleet of highly trained service operatives and approved sub-contractors, we will create a service plan that serves you best.

Delivery, Installation and Commission

Ahead of any saturator purchase we will visit site to conduct a basic site survey and help advise on optimal site location and specification to meet your requirements.  Given the simplicity of moving liquids around a site, the loading of a brine to your vehicles can be done away from the saturator, to best fit in with your traffic flow around the site.

Alternatively and by far the most commonly specification, you can opt to have the entire saturator unit as a single footprint tank. This means of stacking the brine production and brine storage components on top of each other was pioneered by Wintermantel over 20years ago.

Once you have purchased your saturator we will work with you or your subcontractors to determine the best means to fit the saturator to site. We can accommodate single phase or three phase power supplies and have designed highways specification saturators to accommodate water inlet rates of over 20,000liters per hour. We are able to supply concrete base plans to meet your present requirements and will also work with you over the years to accommodate larger brine capacities as your liquid de-icing needs increase. All of our systems are modular and are future-proofed for such eventualities.

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