Manual Salt Saturators

Bringing it back to the basics

The Peacock Saturator Manual (PSM) range offers a simple and cost effective method for the small scale production of liquid brines. The internal saturator tank holds salt and the external tank holds water. When the pump is activated, two are mixed together to produce a concentrated brine, which can then be pumped directly to your sprayer or pre-wet spreader.

The tanks can be easily cleaned out following the accumulation of insoluble / debris, so any type of salt can be used to produce brine. To minimise cleaning times and maximise efficiency of operation, Peacock would always recommend using Marine De-Icing Salt with a purity of 99%.

The following specification upgrades can be offered:

Lid – Keeps out debris whist not in use
Spreader Shut-Off Cable – Auto pump shut off when spreader tank is full
Level Measurement – Mechanical device to indicate tank volume
Concentration Measurement – Physical analysis of brine strength
Dual Skin Tank – Additional protection from external damage


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