Salt Saturator

Brine is a salt solution made by saturating water with sodium chloride.

Brine applications occur in a range of sectors outwith Winter Service and are used in the processes of water treatment and food production among others. The grade of salt, brine concentration, production rate and health and safety features vary greatly between these applications. The chances are if you have a requirement, we have the product that you need. If we don’t, we have the experience and knowledge to produce and deliver a suitable solution.

Liquid de-icers are now in common use in the UK. The balance of cost and quality make brine ideal for Direct Liquid Application (DLA) on cycletrack and footpaths to ensure Active Travel can continue safely throughout the winter months. Adding Brine to the de-icer mix is a practical and effective way to help reduce the cost of Winter Service, used directly as a de-icer or added to salt in a 70:30 or 50:50 mix, commonly known as ‘pre-wet salt’.

Pre-Wet Salt

When compared to dry salting, applying pre-wet salt can have large economic, quality and environmental benefits to the Winter Service. Salt only starts to de-ice when it reacts with moisture on the road surface (normally by dispersing Sodium Chloride particles with surface water or road traffic). Pre-wet salt is already in partial solution and therefore reacts immediately upon impact. As a result, it de-ices quicker than dry salting. By replacing a portion of the salt with brine, there is a saving made on material purchases. By reducing how much salt is spread, the road surface and surrounding areas are less susceptible its corrosive nature. It’s that effective that in most winter conditions, the National Winter Service Research Group Guidelines recommend using pre-wet salt at a reduced spread rate.

Salt Saturators

Saturators (sometimes referred to as salt saturators or brine stations) are systems which produce brine. For de-icing purposes, that’s normally at 23% salt concentration. We design, build, install and maintain ‘upflow’ saturators which use gravity to enable a fast and efficient brine making process. There are numerous ways in which this process can be enhanced to add automation, additional safety features and 2-way remote control. We bring together a number of high-quality manufacturers from around Europe to ensure what we deliver is fit-for-purpose, reliable and long-lasting.

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