Automatic Salt Saturators

Brine production made simple

First, we try to prevent downtime by engineering out potential faults. Our hardware consists of high-end components specifically built for use with sodium chloride brine and to operate outdoors, throughout the year and specifically in freezing temperatures (to -25’C). Features such as controlled log in, fully automated valves and breakaway couplings remove the potential for human error to interfere with the brine production process.

80% of faults that do occur within our saturator systems are resolved within the first 24 hours. Through 2-way remote control technology, telephone support or site attendance we’ll ensure downtime is kept to an absolute minimum. We have an established UK and Ireland wide service network but also have a team of trained in-house mechanics.

A High Standard

We design, supply and install all equipment and train your team to begin brine production within hours of delivery and for many years to come. Many of our early systems installed in the 2000’s are still in operation today. As standard, we can include:

  • Up to 30,000L capacity in a single Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) Tank

  • Automated brine production up to 10,000L/hr

  • HDPE control cabinet with worklight

  • 2-way remote control with sms and email alarm/report system

  • External panel for button access and ID control station

  • Siemens S7-1200 controller with HMI7″ designed to operate to -25’C

  • 20,000L/hr saturator pump with AK brine seal

  • Backflow prevention system

  • JUMO brine concentration sensor

  • GEMU digital flowmeter

  • Georg Fischer control valves

  • Spreader hosing and connector

  • Filters and debris collector

  • Trace Heating System

  • Tank level measurement

Optional Features

Additional features enable users to maximise the benefits of on site brine production:

  • Leak detection system

  • High and low level salt sensor

  • Inspection ladder

  • Automated opening Lid

  • Salt loading grid

  • Full automation (automated control valves)

  • Spreader level shut-off cable

  • Breakaway hose assembly and valves

  • Additional GRP skin

  • Ancillary Fresh Water / Brine Storage Tank

  • Rainwater Harvesting System

  • Automated salt loading system


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