Salt saturator

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Automatic Salt Saturators

Normally used for Highway and Roads Authorities Depots and can include features such as 2-Way Remote Control and 40,000 L/Hr Brine Transfer

Manual Salt Saturators

Batch processing for small-scale brine production in Roads Depots, Food Processing and Water Treatment

Mini Salt Saturators

A mobile, pallet sized brine station used to support Active Travel and for short-term or temporary brine applications


With over 20 years experience of Saturators and over 140 years knowledge of all things salt, we are an ideal partner to provide an integrated solution to your brine production requirements. Get in touch to find out more about these projects, including:

  • Rainwater Harvesting Systems

  • Brine Storage Tanks

  • Brine Transfer Pumps

  • Automated Salt Feed

  • Off-Grade Salt Saturation

  • Recycled GRP Tank / Control Cabinet Retrofit

  • Additive Injection Pumps

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