About Multisol

The Multisol Is Peacock Salts’ Flagship Saturator.

The Multisol salt saturator is Peacock Salt’s flagship model and has truly stood the test of time, offering a combination of clever design and smart control in an economical winter de-icing solution designed to last.


Every customer and every site require something different, and Peacock Salt are happy to tailor the saturator specification to match all requirements, often supplying bespoke solutions to meet novel challenges.

Upflow Saturator

The most unique and perhaps ingenious design element to the Multisol Saturator is by far the simplest. Rather than rely on drawing brine downwards through expensive to maintain gravel filter beds, as is the mainstay of the market competitors, the Multisol uses gravity to its advantage and forces water upwards through salt. Salt is tipped into the high-level hopper and water is pumped through it. The weight of the salt acts as a natural filter bed, and as the water rises through it, it combines effortlessly creating saturated brine.

Insoluble particles naturally gravitate towards the base of the hopper, and can be periodically removed via the large diameter dump valve, eradicating the need for costly filter bed cleaning and replacing.

Single Footprint Design

For capacities of up to 20,000 litres, the Multisol saturator can produce and store this in one single tank. Other system designs require the space on site for two, sometimes three tanks for brine storage and production. The Multisol’s space saving design comes in very handy on traffic managed winter maintenance depots where accessible space is at a premium.

Automated Brine Production

The Multisol saturator will automatically produce and store brine at a pre-programmed concentration. By accurate control of the inlet water supply, the strength of the brine that is output from the brine production hopper is regulated.  This means your operators do not need to concern themselves with the mixing of brine strengths, and the saturator assumes responsibility for the production of the correct concentration of brine.

Automated Pump Control

The flow control valves at the inlet and outlet ports of the high capacity pump (either 20 or 30m³/hr) in the Multisol saturator will automatically adjust dependent on whether the saturator is filling a spreader tank, drawing brine back into the saturator, or periodically agitating the tanks contents. This functionality serves to ensure pump damage is prevented, taking operator intervention out of the equation.

High level access

All service activity at height can be undertaken via the tank access ladder plus safety platform. This ladder is only ever used for service activities, but serves to reduce the additional ongoing costs (and time delays) of high level access equipment (eg MEWPs) being required at callouts, and negates the need for stepladders which are increasingly forbidden on highways sites on health and safety grounds.

Automated lid

The mutisol offers a full size opened lid that facilitates easy loading and is automatically controlled via an electrical actuator from ground level.

Loading hose with breakaway coupling

If the spreader drives away whilst still attached to the saturator, the hose coupling will break at the dedicated coupling, preventing considerable damage and stopping an uncontrolled brine spillage.

External Pump Controller

All pump functions can be controlled by general operators from a panel external to the main control cabinet, thus stopping their requirement for accessing the main control panel.

Siemens S7-1200 controller with HMI 7“

This industrial controller enables remote functionality to all levels and is supplied with a robust 7” touchscreen interface to clearly communicate system status. Whatever is viewed on the saturator control screen can be accesses and changed remotely.

And with all interactions being logged, the saturator can deliver reports and can be interrogated for historical events when called upon. In addition, the controller can be used to send email and SMS messages to specified operators, alerting them of the operational status. The Siemens S7-1200 is rated to perform at temperatures as low as -20°C and is truly fit for purpose on a critical piece of winter maintenance equipment.

LTE Modem – Siemens

Paired with the Siemens S7-1200, allowing remote data communication and is also rated to perform at temperatures down to -20°C. Data can be interrogated and service technicians can remotely access the saturator to diagnose and remedy issues remotely.

User ID-control system

Every time an operator interacts with the saturator system, a log of when and who is taken, alongside the subsequent action taken. This functionality is extended to all user levels (general operators through to service engineers) and can log volumes and concentrate of brine delivered to a specific vehicle/user, as well as monitor system parameter changes following any service requirements.

Peacock Salt import, commission and maintain saturators produced by Wintermantel GMBH (www.wintermantelgmbh.de). Working closely with Wintermantel, we ensure that products are not only tailored specifically to meet the demands of the end user, but also that product innovations have been incorporated to ensure that the differing needs of the UK winter maintenance market are met.


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