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Peacock Salt are UK experts in salt and winter technology.

Our drive for innovation in the winter industry means we were one of the first to introduce the liquid salt (brine) saturator to the UK mainstream. Now, over 20 years later and with over 100 installations across the UK we are a leading supplier of winter salt saturator technology.

Saturators are straightforward devices that effectively mix water and salt together to make a usable brine. Salt will dissolve quite readily into a solution, and the complexity of the saturator lies in its ability to ensure the correct concentration of brine is delivered, and in the reliability of the components used to ensure that the brine is prepared and delivered when you need it most.

Peacock Salt offer a range of saturators catering for different scales of operations. From highways contractors requiring thousands of litres of brine produced per hour, through to smaller scale winter operatives who have a sporadic demand when the temperatures plummet, we have a product and specification that is right for you.


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