Why use a salt saturator?

  • Sodium chloride brine is a mixture of salt and water, both relatively inexpensive and abundant commodities. Winter maintenance operators have a ready supply of rock salt. As such, the cost to transport brine any significant distance far outweighs the cost to produce it on site. And with Highway’s Pre-Wet spreaders able to distribute between 2,000 litres and 3,000 litres of brine, it makes best economic sense for winter operators to invest in a brine saturator.

  • Pre-wet or Direct Liquid Applications make sound economic sense, where a less expensive liquid treatment can work better than a traditional rock salt application for the typical winter conditions generally combatted in the UK.

  • Liquid de-icing helps to reduce the volume of salt being delivered, ensuring a targeted application and therefore minimising the environmental impact.

  • The technology has evolved and been proven from both North America and Central Europe where significant winter conditions are experienced every year.


Brine Saturators

Peacock Salt have the widest range of brine saturator options available on the UK market. From small to large scale production models, we have saturator products to suit your winter needs.

Our winter maintenance brine saturators process sodium chloride rock salt and water into a usable concentrated solution of around 23%. The resultant brine can either be used to treat roads and pavements directly in a process known as Direct Liquid Application (DLA), or it can be combined with dry rock salt in a process known as Pre-Wetting. Direct Liquid and Pre-Wet applications enable the winter practitioner to offer effective de-icing treatments, whilst reducing their overall salt usage, offering both environmental benefits and financial savings.


All components used in the fabrication of our saturators are designed to last the rigours of many winters on a highway depot. These components are subjected to harsh external conditions in extremes of temperatures, so it is important that when they are called upon to perform then they do so, first time, every time. And concentrated sodium chloride brine has the ability to cause serious corrosion damage, so all components are specified with the right level of ingress protection to ensure the produced brine goes on the road and no-where else.

Our control software is all custom developed and programmed onto dedicated industrial electronic hardware, again, highly suited to the severe operating conditions. Unlike our competitors, we will never use proprietary, Windows based software to host our programming, which is open to corruption, quickly becoming obsolete, and subject to host software updates.


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