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The MicroSOL IBC Brine Saturator.

The MicroSOL IBC Brine Saturator, is designed and manufactured in the UK and offers a simple and cost effective method for the small scale production of liquid brines.

The saturator is attached to an IBC liquid storage tank using cam-lock fixings. The saturator is filled with any grade of salt and the IBC is filled with water. The integrated pump is then switched on and serves to mix the water and salt into a brine solution. The strength of the brine can be monitored using a refractometer and can be adjusted by either adding more salt or more water.

As the saturator is not permanently attached to the tank, it can be used to fill up multiple IBCs to enable a stockpile of brine to be held on site, ensuring that sufficient stocks of brine are available when needed most.

The saturator can be filled either using tonne bags hoisted into place using a forklift, or from bagged salt manually tipped into it. Any type of salt can be used, but to minimise cleaning times and maximise efficiency of operation, Peacock would always recommend using Marine De-Icing Salt.

The centrifugal pump has a filter basket and is separate from the salt, only ever processing liquids and preventing pump failure from particle ingress.

The saturator is skid mounted to enable easy relocation, and the salt hopper has a large diameter dump valve suitable for simple and quick cleaning.


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